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Individual Support

  • Personal growth, healing, and soulwork
  • Ancestral healing
  • Ritual and ceremony to mark significant thresholds and life events
  • Preparing for and integrating intentional experiences with nonordinary states of consciousness

 Personal growth, healing, and soulwork

Individual sessions in office or natural settings. 

This work is for people ready to shift patterns, expand awareness, and release outgrown stories. It may include traditional psychotherapy sessions, as well as equine-assisted work, guided walks in natural settings, somatic and meditation practices, and other modalities to support your intentions.

Ancestral healing

Our relationships with our ancestors can be layered and complex, and often include unfinished business, such as unhealed generational trauma. Despite the woundings, each of our lineages also include well and healed ancestors we can connect with for guidance and support. Intentional ancestor connection is a practice that can catalyze significant change for your family system, rippling through time to heal and transform past and future generations. Learn ways to engage with your ancestors, known and unknown, living or dead,  with the goal of finding peace and healing here in the present.  This work draws on an eclectic group of practices from several traditions, including my own Celtic ancestry.

Ritual and ceremony to mark thresholds and life events

We remember in our bodies the power and significance of ceremony, even as it has become rare in modern family and community life. I help people shape and lead ritual as a way to support new intentions, the releasing of outgrown forms, and moments of transition large or small. Both joy and grief are honored as we work together to create meaningful, personal ritual for you individually or your chosen community.

Preparing for and integrating intentional experiences with nonordinary states of consciousness

What we now consider “nonordinary states” are more accurately described as transcendent or trance states, accessed for millenia by our ancestors with the assistance of drumming, fasting, breathwork and sacred plants and fungi. Whether you are new to altered state work or already familiar with some of these practices for healing and growth, I can offer experienced, gentle support for both the preparation and integration of your journey.


1:1 sessions, Zoom or in-office: $225 initial session, 1.5 hours, $150 ongoing sessions, 1 hour
Herbal mentorship group: $120/month
Provider Consultation: $150/hour
Cacao Ceremonies and personal work with cacao: inquire for specifics

Consultation for Healthcare Providers

Are you a therapist, physician, or other healing practitioner interested in learning more about plant-assisted healing and growth to better support your own healing work or that of your clients? 

I offer individual consultation, online courses and mentorship groups. Topics covered may include relevant history and research, current clinical applications, an introduction to various plants and medicines, along with their actions, contraindications, and potential benefits, the role of spirituality and the sacred in medicine work, psychedelic integration, and the relevance of dreams, archetypes and myth to our long relationship with healing plants.


Herbal mentorship circles

Gather monthly with others to learn about local medicinal plants and fungi. We spend time in the fields and woods learning to identify, connect with and make medicine from the plant teachers right here at home.



Guidance for beginning a practice of microdosing, or working with small, sub-perceptual doses of medicinal plants and fungi over a period of time to support wellness and personal growth.

Community Workshops and Events

Cacao Ceremonies 

Theobroma cacao is a beautiful plant medicine and teacher native to the tropical regions of the world, with a history of relationship with human beings that dates back at least 5,000 years. Cacao medicine is a heart-opening facilitator of connection, feeling, and expanded awareness. Inviting cacao into our bodies within the container of ceremony creates a sacred opportunity to learn from and with this multi-dimensional plant being, and to connect intentionally with the energetic field and deep, ancient wisdom of our own hearts.

Working with Cacao in ceremony

Cacao is a facilitator of connection at the heart level, and a gifted partner for deep personal and collective spiritual work. Inviting cacao into our bodies creates a sacred opportunity to learn from and with this multi-dimensional plant teacher, to connect more deeply with each other, the natural world, and the vibrant wisdom of our own hearts. 


Cacao and humans have a relationship dating back at least 5,000 years, and likely much longer. The theobroma cacao tree grows around the world, in tropical locations within 15-20 degrees of the equator. The tree fruits into pods, and the seeds within are dried, fermented, and roasted, then ground into a paste. Ancient Mayan, Aztec, and other cultures mixed this paste with water or milk and spices, and consumed it ceremonially. The Nahuatl word for drinking chocolate was ““xocotatl”  which then became ‘chocolate’ to the Europeans.  The literal translation is ‘heart blood’, and we interpret this word to mean love, the “blood’ that flows through the heart.  This was understood when cacao was scientifically named ‘Theobroma cacao’, or “food of the gods.” Love- the blood of the heart, the food of the immortals. 

As with many sacred plant traditions, the colonial era disrupted the lineages of indigenous traditional use, and we work today from what fragments remain. Drawing on the energies and properties of the elements, the four directions, and the purity of our heart’s longing to know and evolve with the guidance of this plant spirit, we can work together to invite cacao into relationship with us now.  

Questions for reflection and preparation when considering work with cacao:

The mindset

-what brings me to this plant, at this moment? 

– what wants to heal, move, or evolve in me? 

– what is my “ask” of cacao?

-what am I willing to offer in reciprocity ? (can be love, gratitude, learning, a regular practice, a prayer, poem, song… all sincerely made offerings are welcomed by the plant)

-how will I make space after this ceremony to integrate what I have received? 

The setting

-what kind of space feels right for this gathering? 

-who will join me? 

-what are some elements that will help make this meaningful and support my intentions? 

Dream Incubations 

“Enkoimesis” is the Greek word describing a once-common practice of sleeping in temples or sacred places to specifically seek healing or guidance from dreams. This practice involved travel to sacred sites such as temples or caves, ritual cleansing through special diets and bathing in spring water, the making of meaningful offerings to the divine, a ritual sleep, and the sharing and integration of the resulting dreams. In a modern adaptation of this practice, we prepare with intention and then enact a personal or collective ritual to invoke healing dreams. We invite the partnership of plants known to support dreaming across a number of ancestral traditions.

Plant Communication

One of the painful aspects of this moment in our human story is the extreme imbalance now present between humans and the natural world. We have lost so much of the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, particularly with respect to the other beings with whom we share this planet. Re-membering this knowing is one medicine for our ailing world. Plants surround us. They sustain us by providing the air we breathe, they heal our bodies, and they soothe our hearts and souls. Plants have so much to teach us if we can learn to listen and to see with new eyes. Join me for this introduction to the concept of plant communication, and begin to experience way of relating to these wisdom keepers that will deeply enrich your life for years to come.

Wildbird Journeys 


intentional pilgrimage to sacred sites with guided exploration, dreamwork, ritual and ceremony

Dancing with the Goddess                          April 2024                

Costa Rica    

a restorative, soul-nurturing retreat supported by the land, horses, and guided somatic practices   

The Power of Presence                              November 2024

I have travelled great distances with Tessy, physically and spiritually. I have laughed. I have cried. I have grieved. I have dared. I have dreamed. I have shed habits. I have celebrated. I have grown.  

Tessy has expansive skills and deep sensibilities. She has a generous heart, keen intellect, and acute intuition. She is steady. She listens. She responds, sometimes with just the right words and sometimes with no words but with a loving presence graced with quiet empathy and compassion.

She is extremely adept at setting just the right tone, whether through creating beautiful ceremony or bold, fun adventures. She is always right there…attuning, resonating, supporting, encouraging.
-Carol W.

Tessy is a connector of people, of plants, of movement, of hearts and bodies, minds and spirits, of knowledge and practice, of the sacred and the day to day. She holds incredible wisdom of plant world (and the people world!) and offers support in a gentle yet direct way. I’m forever grateful for the moments that led me into space with Tessy and always look forward to continued learning from her wisdom, her friendship, and her guidance. 
-Julia G.

There is an incredible resonance I feel when Tessy is present. She vibrates at multiple levels. She is the embodiment of feminine energy, finding connections, investigating mysteries and exploring possibilities. Nature is her sanctuary and she worships there with humility and wisdom. I walk away from every interaction with Tessy feeling curious, calm and deeply connected to source energy.
-David D.

“Plants are also integral to reweaving the connection between land and people. A place becomes a home when it sustains you, when it feeds you in body as well as spirit. To recreate a home, the plants must also return.”

-Robin Wall Kimmerer